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Choosing the Right Style for your Wedding Video: Cinematic vs Documentary Explained

Alright, when it's time to immortalise the most special day of your life, like your wedding day, selecting the ideal style for your wedding video is key. There are two trendy options that couples usually mull over: Cinematic and Documentary styles.

But what exactly do they involve?

Let's delve into them together, shall we?


Cinematic Style Wedding Videography

So, when we talk about cinematic wedding videos, we're really stepping into the world of storytelling. It's all about blending touching speeches, close-up interviews, stunning visuals and moving tunes. The main job of the cinematographer is to nab those ace short clips that truly spin a yarn - it's less about filming every single second from sunup to sundown and more about crafting a tale.

Think of it this way: cinematic wedding videos are like your own mini Hollywood film production, filled with artsy shots, swanky cinematic effects and just a sprinkle of glitz and glam for that extra wow factor.

Imagine dreamy black-and-white scenes exuding sophistication, or vibrant scenes with slow-motion shots that exude romance, along with breathtaking bird's-eye views captured by drone cameras. These videos are designed to transform your special day into a visual delight that you can revisit whenever you crave a touch of magic in your life.

When it comes to crafting those dreamy, cinematic-style wedding videos, having a crack team of pros is an absolute must. In terms of gear, you'll want not just one, but at least two camera setups - though if you can swing it, having three would be even sweeter.

Having multiple angles to shoot from gives the editor a lot more material to work with, making it much easier to piece together those magic moments.

Capturing your day professionally is one thing, but the real magic happens in the editing room. A cameraman understands lighting, settings, framing, and other elements that help tell the story. Capturing creative shots is just the beginning.

It often takes weeks in the editing room to piece together the best shots, add colour, edit the sound, and include all the elements that make a simple video cinematic.

Cinematic wedding videos are more expensive, as they require a professional team and high-quality equipment to create.


Documentary Style Wedding Videography

Talking about documentary wedding videos, they're all about nabbing those genuine feelings and off-the-cuff moments that make your big day mega special. These vids give you a pure, unedited peek into how it all unfolded, without any posh setups or staged scenes. The documentary style lays it all out in the order it happened, creating a seamless and story-led experience that's just like reliving your wedding day.

A single Videographer captures Documentary videos. Their main aim is simply to record the important moments of the day from their own unique camera angle. The end product might not be the most creative compared to other wedding film styles, but it is certainly the most budget-friendly option available!


Choosing between the two

When it comes to comparing cinematic and documentary films, the key distinction lies in their structure, style, and level of creativity used to tell a story.

Cinematic videos tend to be more flashy, artistic, and metaphorical, while documentary films take a direct and factual approach.

Choosing between these two styles really boils down to what vibes with you best and how you envision capturing those precious moments on your big day.

Whether you lean towards the glitz of cinematic storytelling or the raw realness of a documentary approach, both styles bring their own magic in preserving the tale of your love journey on screen.




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